You Can Help Us Put The Pieces Back Together

Help us by fighting the war on Drug Abuse

Drugs have been leaving a path of destruction in our community, with every helping hand we grow stronger in the war on drug abuse!

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Help the community with our Skills Development & Training program

Part of our reintegration program is to make sure people have the necessary skills to be able to make a success of their life after addiction.

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Join us with our Youth Development program

We can all agree that the youth is 100% the future of our world and we need to make sure that the youth has every chance they're able to get for a bright future!

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Help us with Job Creation for South Africa

Having the right skills will not help if there isn't jobs available for the community. With your help we can create jobs for people to be able to take care of their families.

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Our Story

Be The Solution, Not Just A Part Of It.

After years of wanting to help but wasn't exactly sure where to start, we came up with a vision that has now grown to DEFRAG... We help people to put the pieces of their life's back together again.

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Our Mission

Our mission not to simply help someone to get out of addiction, but to permanently better they're lives as well as the lives of they're families.

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Make an impact.
Save lives.

Eugene F. Terblanche

Nico Prins

Eugene F. Terblance & Nico Prins


Eugene F. Terblance (Owner/CEO of SET Travel) & Nico Prins (Owner/CEO of Dev Tech Projects) have both been to the bottom of the barrel of life and came back with testimonies made to save lives.

We strongly believe that we can use all we have experienced for good, we believe our testimonies can change lives, show people their not alone and there is a way out!

BE The Solution!

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Becoming The Solution

No donation or sponsorship is too small to make a difference.

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